Bright Horticulture


Our Bright Water products are revolutionizing the food, flower and cannabis crop industry with greatly improved growing results and post harvest hydration.

Our solutions are essential for hydroponic growing as it helps to sanitize the water that is used to grow plants. It also ensures that irrigation systems remain free and clear of mineral buildup, bacteria ,mold and biofilm, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. Our HOCL also improves the quality of the soil, removing harmful pathogens and strengthens the root system, especially during the flush stage of growth. 

Our post-harvest solutions maximize freshness of all crops from the time they leave the field and greenhouse until they make it home with the customer. Less spoilage and greater profits! 


Our Bright Water products ensure that surfaces and tools are free of harmful pathogens, bacteria, mold and biofilm.

Bright Water solutions greatly impact the cut flower business, improving water uptake, flowers stay fresh twice as long in the vase, prevent-bent neck, and vase water stays clean and free of slime and odors. 

Spraying flowers has the benefit of improved hydration and reduces the impact of harmful bugs. The freshness of vegetables also benefit from our HOCL sprays and can be used to make them safe to eat without the need to rinse after using Bright Water.

Bright Cleaning

Our Bright Solutions are chemical-compound free. Our HOCL Disinfectant is 100 times more effective than bleach and yet 100% safe. Our Degreaser and Cleaner is a byproduct of our HOCL manufacturing and is capable of removing the toughest caked-on grease. There is no need to rinse after cleaning with our Degreaser and Cleaner and it is even safe to clean breast pump parts and pacifiers.

Bright Skin Care

Our Bright Skin Care product is the safest and most effective hand disinfectant. Unlike alcohol, it will not irritate or dry out your skin. Our Bright Water Skin disinfectant immediately disinfects hands, killing SARS-C0V-2 in seconds. It will make your skin feel smooth and soft and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. You can also spray in your mouth, up your nose and on your eyelids … it is that safe!

Bright Oral Care

Our Bright Water oral rinse promotes great oral hygiene. By swirling your mouth with our dentist grade formula, Bright Water targets gum inflammation and soothes irritation, and freshens breath.