Bright Solutions





Bright Water Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is non-toxic and attracts bacteria and viruses, killing them upon contact.

Our HOCL, effectively disinfects all surfaces, keeps fruits and vegetables bacteria and fungi free, and even babies safe.

Bright Cleaner, the by-product of our HOCL,
removes the toughest grease, dirt and blood stains.

Bright Solutions are 100% effective and safe!

Our Bright Solutions are chemical-compound free. Yet, our HOCL products are 100 times more effective than bleach.

Humans, animals, aquatic life and the environment are safe with Bright Solutions and we keep facilities and homes germ and biofilm free.

Keeping facilities and homes germ and biofilm free

Bleach’s dwell time of 10 minutes can be too long of a wait time for public settings with constant activity, like schools, grocery stores, and clinics.

HOCL is relied on for its fast dwell times.

HOCL kills in seconds

Swirl with it in your mouth, and you ensure no pathogens are released into the air when your dentist starts cleaning or drilling.

Daily use supports good oral hygiene and kills gingivitis, reduces gum inflammation, prevents plague and ensures fresh breath – let the kissing begin!

Giving us something to smile about

14% of the world’s food is wasted between harvest and retail.

Our products are revolutionizing the food and flower crop industry with greatly improved growing results and post harvest hydration. The simple treatment of fruit and vegetables with Bright Water, during transportation and at retail, dramatically increases shelf life (and profits).

Treating flowers with Bright Water yields the same effect with significantly extended lifespans up to 2 x longer. A couple of sprays of Bright Water keeps Bacteria and fungi away and will not affect the taste or quality of the item.

The growers’ friend

Our products are the most effective for treating your hemp and cannabis plants and water supply as a grower. It is safe for plant and human health and is highly effective at eliminating unwanted mineral deposits and biofilms. It can treat the water supply or plant soil directly.

It reduces bud rot, powdery mildew, Spider Mites, Aphids and soft bodied pests, and if the humidity is high it will stop mold and fungus growth.

Cannabis growing is not high maintenance

As every new parent can attest to, the worries of your baby swallowing or ingesting something harmful in those first two years can keep you up at night. It’s natural of course … they’re babies! And one of the more common fungal infections is caused by biofilm – the build-up of expired breast milk proteins in the milk pump. With just a couple of sprays of Bright Water, biofilm is safely eliminated. Bright Water is also great for disinfecting pacifiers that have taken a spill to the floor, for highchairs and toys.

Our Bright Solutions are harmless to newborns and all natural.

Keeping the most vulnerable safe